Gain clarity in your daily life with the wisdom of the universe.

Using Astrological Wisdom to Navigate Life's Challenges

Several years ago I started studying astrology as a way to understand the most baffling relationship of my life. The more I learned, the more intrigued I was. The stars and planets knew everything about me and they told me when things would happen for me. After a while I started to using my astrological knowledge to help friends navigate their challenges and manage difficult relationship issues. It warmed my heart to hear how I helped them and brought them both peace and healing. Today, I use the wisdom of the cosmos to help you understand yourself, your relationships, and what you can expect from your future.

Feminine Astrology

Learn why you struggle with the same problems over and over again.


Understand why you behave the way you do.


Peek into your future and reveal life events on your horizon.

“I was so moved by how accurate and fulfilling the reading was. It has brought meaning to some hard times I went through. I’m so glad I did it. I’ve told so many people about my experience.”


You and Your Future

In-depth analysis of your birth chart and what it reveals about your personality + a forecast of future life events. You choose the areas of life you want to know about most.


(1 hour/ $75)

*requires exact birth time, location, and date

You and Your Relationships

In-depth analysis of your birth chart and what it reveals about your personality + a compatibility comparison to someone you know. Reveals past life connections, and current soul contracts with one another.

(1 hour/$75)

*requires exact birth time, location, and date for both people

Hi! I'm Dana

Hi! I'm Dana. I'm an evolutionary astrologist. I use the wisdom of the universe to bring peace and clarity to your life, reveal past life experiences, and why you chose to inhabit your current life. I love what I do because of the positive effects my clients experience. I love seeing their faces when I help them feel better about themselves, their life path, and their future. When I'm not chart casting I can be found tending to my vast perennial gardens, cooking, or spending time with my beloved greyhound.

Dana Holt

“The reading was an incredible glimpse into understanding myself better. I am excited to learn even more as Dana's expertise inspired so much intrigue! Her customized reading was insightful, fun and I'll definitely be back for more!!”

~Happy Customer

“Dana has a gift for taking really complex things, elucidating them, and helping put them into context. Sure, you can go find a free site online that will spit out a chart analysis for you, but Dana provides tons of nuance and explanation that helps it all make sense. Plus she's just curious about people and is genuinely interested in their stories and background, so she can effortlessly weave together what your chart is showing with who you are. The chart analysis she did for me didn't just provide answers: it gave me new ways of thinking about myself and my journey!  (And I felt very "seen" after working with Dana!)”


“I was thrilled with my reading. Dana explained everything so clearly and I was astonished at how relevant the reading was to so many aspects of my life. I often think of the reading when I'm struggling with making decisions. The reading helps me understand myself more deeply and it has helped me adjust my priorities. The hour I spent with Dana was truly valuable.”


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I will create and analyze your birth chart before our virtual meeting. We'll start with Astrology 101 to maximize your reading. Then, we'll dive into your chart to uncover your innate traits. We can either explore your future or compare your chart with someone else's to reveal compatibility and soul connections.


Gain clarity into your personality, your relationships, and future life events.