woman working on a laptop

Women Demand More From Their Money – The Rise of Gender Lens Investing

July 24, 2017

Women give differently. They invest differently. And now these two are joining forces. If you pay attention to any sort of financial news, you have heard or read something about how women invest differently from men. They tend to take a more patient approach, don’t tend to make snap decisions,…

Two people having a chat

The Power of "Presence"

July 17, 2017

First impressions can make or break you. You know this if you work with donors or clients. You would be surprised at how fast people form opinions of us. The smallest details of our presence (how we present ourselves) speak volumes about us in the first few seconds of an…

farm horizon

What To Do With The Family Farm?

July 10, 2017

If you work with farmers you know that one of their biggest challenges is what to do with the farm when they want to retire. The children often have careers of their own and don’t want to farm. The land, crops, and equipment are very valuable, but subject to a…

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Gertie’s Gift

July 3, 2017

Gertie Schmidt – Company Stock Buys Charitable Life Insurance & Creates a Legacy In 1932, Gerald Schmidt founded his own company – manufacturing dairy farm equipment. Over the years, Gerald’s company kept up with the latest in dairy farm technology and developed many new, innovative products. The company grew and…

Dana Holt

Dana’s Journey

June 14, 2017

Who leaves a lucrative corporate career to dedicate her life to teach charitable gift planning? ME! After two decades working in legal, charitable, and financial planning, I felt a tug on my mind and on my spirit. – a tug towards something new. I looked back at my professional career…