Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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Many charities avoid asking donors to give non-cash assets like stock or real estate because they don’t have the infrastructure to handle those gifts. They also shy away from talking about more sophisticated giving techniques, like charitable gift annuities, because they don’t have their own program. If this describes your organization, you’re in luck –…

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New QCD Rules: The Fine Print…

True to form, Congress passed another comprehensive year-end piece of legislation in late 2022 that made significant changes to rules for retirement assets, including some new provisions for Qualified Charitable Distributions. The legislation has been dubbed “SECURE Act 2.0”, because it addresses some of the same areas of law that the SECURE Act of 2020…

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Gift Planning for the Ages

Charitable gift planning has historically been reserved for older people, but it shouldn’t be. People of all ages create charitable gift plans every day. You can talk to literally anyone about a gift plan at any time. In my experience, gift plans are created during significant “life events”. These events happen at virtually any time…

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Cows and Pigs and Chickens, Oh MY!: Gifts of Farm Assets

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If you live or work in an agricultural area, it may come as no surprise that farmers donate things like harvested crops, livestock, and farm machinery to charity. It makes sense if you think about it. It’s what farmers have and they’re valuable assets that charities can sell. Each of these three asset types requires…

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The Five Foolproof Steps to Every Non-Cash Gift

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Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked on hundreds of non-cash gifts and the successful ones all had something in common. They all followed the same 5-step blueprint. Every single one of them. No matter the asset type or value, they all proceeded the same way. I didn’t see it at the time, but recently…

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Five Things to Know Before You Accept A Gift of Real Estate

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Real estate can be a very complex asset to accept. That’s because no two properties are alike. They all have their own intricacies, such as location, condition, use, value, etc. These intricacies all bring their own kind of potential risk to a nonprofit. Luckily, the process for evaluating real estate is the same – no…

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Guide to Charitable Gifts of Life Insurance

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  Gifts of Life Insurance can strike fear in the heart of even the most stalwart Gift Planner. It’s a complex asset and can seem intimidating, but with a few key pieces of knowledge you can master it.  The Basics Life Insurance comes in two basic types – “term” and “permanent”. Term is kind of…

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Guide to Accepting Gifts of Retirement Assets

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SUBSCRIBE TO GIFT TIPS Accepting charitable gifts of retirement assets is relatively easy, because the gift arrives in the form of a check. The hard part is navigating the complexities that come with retirement accounts themselves.  In this article, we will look at: Tax basics of retirement assets; Three most common ways that people give…

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Guide to Accepting Gifts of Stock + Mutual Funds

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When charities decide to start accepting non-cash gifts they usually start with stock and mutual funds, because it’s the easiest to accept and liquidate. So, that’s where we will start.  First, let’s make sure we all understand the difference between public and private stock. When you buy stock you’re buying an ownership share in a…

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Twelve Months of Practical Gift Planning


Hello and Happy 2021! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written to you. So many times I sat down to write, but ultimately decided not to crowd the already crowded airwaves with another message. If you’re like me, you received more blog posts in 2020 than you could read.  This year, I’m really excited…

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