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A Custom Solution to Grow Your Non-Cash Giving Program

What Gifts are you NOT Getting…

Too often charities avoid valuable non-cash gifts like stock, real estate, or retirement assets, and settle for much smaller cash donations because they're quicker and less complex.

FACT: Charities that accept non-cash gifts of any kind experience 50% growth over a 5 year period.

Fundraisers are overwhelmed by what they don’t know, so they avoid non-cash gifts. The fear of making a mistake or looking foolish stops them in their tracks. It’s is just plain false that you need to be an attorney or financial professional to handle non-cash gifts.

Any charity, big or small, can accept non-cash gifts!


Non-Cash Gifts Include

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Stock & Mutual Funds

Real Estate



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Retirement Assets

Life Insurance

Mineral Interests

Private Stock


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Farm Machinery


Virtual Currency


The “Pollinate” audit will determine which non-cash assets you can accept today, which types you can accept in the future, and give you the resources you need to make this happen right away!

Pollinate is our audit and consulting package that looks closely at your nonprofit organization’s ability to accept non-cash gifts; gives you resources to start accepting certain types of gifts; and teaches your fundraising team to invite and support this type of giving.

Here’s What Pollinate Does for You!

Weeks 1-2


One-on-one interviews with key staff.

Weeks 3-4


Review Key Documents.
• Tax Returns
• Budget
• Balance Sheet
• Gift Acceptance Policies

Week 5


Presentation with written report.

Identify which non-cash gifts you can accept now on your own and which you should accept with a partner.

Week 6


Identify partner organizations and facilitate relationships with them.

Outline future steps to equip staff to market, discuss, and process
non-cash gifts.

COST: $7300

Plus, when you sign up for this program,

Your entire team receives full tuition to the online School for Non-Cash Gifts
($199 value/person)


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Dana is an award-winning author, charitable gift planning educator, professional speaker, and consultant. She teaches fundraisers how to raise millions more by accessing wealth, not just cash.

Before starting HOLT Consulting Dana began her career as an estate planning attorney and then spent 13 years at a Fortune 300 Financial Services company. She helped wealth advisors all over the U.S. with their most complex cases and taught them how to integrate charitable planning into their practice.

Dana has been quoted in Forbes and has been a featured writer for the Thomson Reuters Estate Planning Journal. Dana teaches gift planning through public speaking and her online training program, Turning Wealth Into What Matters™.

Dana is a graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Southern Illinois University. She served as Chair of the Minnesota Gift Planning Association in 2020 and 2021. She currently serves as a member of the Leadership Institute at the National Association of Gift Planners. Dana enjoys winter speed skating, studying astrology, and is an avid gardener at her home in the Twin Cities where she lives with her retired racing greyhound.

“Dana is a leading voice in non-cash philanthropic planning. Her services have been the most helpful tools in my growth in the gift planning field. She is an adept teacher and makes seemingly hard to understand concepts  comprehendible and, dare I say, exciting!”

~M.B., Director of Gift Planning

“Dana has helped me become a more confident gift planner. She breaks down complicated information and makes it less confusing and mysterious. She is also encouraging and supportive. She’s in your corner!”

~Lisa, Gift Planner

“We are learning so much. You’re helping us shape our future.”

~Jill Kohler, Development Director, Interfaith Outreach Community Partners.