Back to Basics: How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your Non-Cash Giving Program

May 2, 2024

Before you can start asking donors to consider gifts of non-cash assets, you’ll need to get prepared. You’ll need to build some infrastructure so that you are well-positioned to accept non-cash gifts efficiently and effectively.  Over the last 20 years, I’ve identified the following essential pieces to building a successful non-cash gift…

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Guide to Life Estate Gifts

March 26, 2024

I’ve been getting more and more questions from clients about Life Estate gifts. Many people have real estate they do not wish to leave to heirs at their passing and they’re looking for options. A life estate is pretty simple, in theory. A donor gives their residence, vacation property, or…

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What’s the Deal with Donating Savings Bonds?

January 31, 2024

Have you ever been approached by a donor who wants to donate United States savings bonds? Sounds like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it? The donor probably purchased or received the bonds many years ago and they are reluctant to cash them in due to the associated income tax on the…

Charitable Gift Annuities Are Back in Fashion – Should You Issue Them?

January 24, 2024

When I first started working in gift planning 20 years ago, Charitable Gift Annuities were all the rage. Charities were issuing them right and left, because they provided such attractive benefits to donors. Both payout rates and charitable income tax deductions were high. In the midst of the dot-com boom,…

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The Most Important Step to Any Non-Cash Gift

October 19, 2023

Gifts of things like real estate, stock, and life insurance may seem very different from one another, but the gift acceptance process for all non-cash gifts is the same. These same five steps apply to all non-cash gifts, but one of them stands out as by far the most important…

Gifts of Private Stock: Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard

August 31, 2023

Gifts of private stock can be incredibly valuable, but they come with some additional complexity you don’t find with public stock. I’ve seen a number of charities get themselves into sticky situations with gifts of private stock, because they didn’t understand some important, but basic details. For example, they get…

How to Avoid a Pre-Arranged Sale: New Guidance

June 26, 2023

For many years, the rules on what constituted a pre-arranged sale have been confusing. Various sources of law offered conflicting advice, so how were we to know what to do? Fortunately, we have some new advice that gives us more solid guidance about how to avoid this situation. Before we…

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How Charities Can Use DAFs to Their Advantage

April 18, 2023

There is one topic that charities continue to ask me about – Donor Advised Funds. They ask questions about DAFs when I’m on stage speaking to an audience. They ask questions about DAFs when I’m helping them with their non-cash gifts. The questions just keep on coming, SO, I thought…

Charitable Tax Form Bingo

March 14, 2023

In the spirit of tax season, I thought I’d clear up confusion you may have about all the tax forms related to charitable giving. I get a LOT of questions about these tax forms, so I think it’s time to explain them in terms that everyone will understand. Taxes are…