Two park benches among fallen golden autumn leaves.

My Dearest Readers,

I hope you will indulge me as this “first anniversary” edition takes on a different, more philosophical and reflective tone. I hope it inspires you to consider what “significance” means to you.

A Look Forward + Back

As August draws to a close, our thoughts drift towards autumn, back to school, and if you’re in Minnesota – the State Fair. It’s still hot and humid, but leaves are giving the first hint of changing and the school buses are back in action.

The change from summer to fall can feel bittersweet. Flowers fade, but the cooler air and vibrant leaves can feel refreshing. We say goodbye to the abundance of harvest and prepare for the colder months ahead spent with family and friends indoors around tables piled high with holiday feasts.

Autumn is a time when we look back and to the future at the same time. Did we make the most of the fun summer months? Was the harvest good? What will the end of this year bring? At the end of the year, will we feel it has been “Significant”? Did we accomplish all we could?

Sounds a bit like life doesn’t it? As each season of life passes we evaluate the past and plan for the future. At all stages, we want to know that our lives were significant + meaningful. We want to know that there was a purpose to that time spent. Each of us creates our own definition of significance and it likely changes over the years.


I’m approaching a milestone. September 6th will be the 1 year anniversary of my full-time practice as a Philanthropic Strategy Consultant! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. As I look back upon the whirlwind of the past year and to the future of the business, I ask myself “has this last year been significant”? The jury is still out, but I have learned a great deal and accomplished a LOT!

I created this business because I wanted to live a professional life of significance. I wanted a career that could serve as my legacy. It’s still early days, but I believe I’m getting closer to that goal each day.

To some degree, we are all looking for ways to live lives of significance. At some point, we wonder “how much is enough” and “what will I do with the rest”? When we approach the autumn of life, we look for ways to create a legacy to prove to ourselves that our life was significant and to make sure our significance outlives us.


If you work with donors or advise clients you provide a priceless service. You show them how they can give meaning + significance to their wealth through giving. That is an incredibly powerful thing.

As this summer shifts into autumn, I invite you to take time to step back and see the significance of your life. Plan for future significance and celebrate it when it happens.

Lastly, Thank you! Thank you to my coaching students, professional colleagues, advisors, friends, and everyone who encouraged me towards my career of significance. I couldn’t have done it without your support and trust. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

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